We care for your pets when you can't

Are you making a move 

within the eastern United States? 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to allow someone else to care for your loved ones and bring them right to your new front door, stress free?  

You can focus on moving all your belongings and we'll make sure your pets show up ready for their new home. 

Give us a call to discuss specifics.

 Contact Us  (843) 637-4675

Of course you'll want to know what we charge.  You can trust that we're reasonable and flexible. 

Once you contact us and we know exactly where we're to go and what will be involved, we will quote you a rate.

We care for all kinds of pets:

  • dogs,
  • cats, 
  • exotics like ferrets,
  • rabbits, 
  • birds.

Latest Services

one-on-one attention to your loved ones


feed them all

administer medications

Our Services

We're Bisous, Bisous Pet Sitters, which means Kiss, Kiss.  In the Charleston, SC area we care for all kinds of pets; dogs, cats, even some exotics like ferrets, rabbits and birds. 

We'll walk those who need walking, feed them all, of course play as much as they'll tolerate, administer medications, even guide them through physical therapy and take them to the vet when needed, clean litter boxes and reward them with treats. 

We'll do whatever you want us to do, where your pet is most secure, in their own home.  In rare cases, for a day or two, we'll take your pet into our home. 

We offer one-on-one attention to your loved ones.  Let us know your needs and we'll work with you to keep your pets happy and put your mind at ease.  Go to Pet Sitter Stories to read about real quirky requests. 

walk those who need walking

Pet Sitting in Charleston area